The “Game Most Likely to Disappoint in 2016” Award

Now I don’t want to be a Debbie-downer on this blog. Trying to be positive is a thing I’m working on in my own special way but sometimes the urge to say “This isn’t going to go well” is irresistible and I just have to shout it from the rooftops and today’s proclamation/Award goes to No Man’s Sky for never being able to live up to the hype it’s built up around it!

The hype surrounding No Man’s Sky is one of the most confusing things about 2015 for me. Here we have a massive Space Sim in development by a small Indie team from Guildford (I think) that has somehow managed to get much of the coming world salivating for it. This extends outside of the ‘hardcore’ gaming circles, on prime time television, Sean Murry (Who seems lovely by the way) appeared on Stephan Colbert’s show to show the world his game and the crowd was going nuts for it.

Where is this coming from? What is so special about the idea of No Man’s Sky? I couldn’t tell you. What I can say for sure if that this game will end up letting down a lot of people who’ve drank the cool aid (So to speak). Is it the whole 18 Quintillion planets that’s getting people excited for it? Becuase let’s be honest, when you start getting past 50 planets you may have too many planets for most of us.

Does this mean it will be a bad game? Certainly not, but I do think it’s going to be a disappointing game.

Today’s award category was suggested to me by @PAldousMusic, check his work out, he’s pretty awesome.



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One response to “The “Game Most Likely to Disappoint in 2016” Award”

  1. poormansgeek says :

    been thinking the same thing for a while. this and Star Citizen both seem to be over promising on what they’ll be able to deliver on.

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