Welcome to 2016!

Is it too late already for a welcome to 2016 blog post? It feels like it is but since this is the first chance I’ve had of writing one I’m just going to run with it.

The reason I’ve been a little poor in keeping up the blog work in the last few weeks since Christmas was the fact I became horribly ill with the dreaded man-flu. Since about the 27th I have been feeling truly awful, with no energy to write at all. Now I’m on the mend (At last, seriously, this took a while to get better) I should be starting to pump out more regular content.

So what can you expect from the Played Out blog/Media empire? Well the blog will still be running as normal, bringing you all manner of odd pieces about games that take my fancy to write, this will include but is not limited to: Reviews, previews, opinion pieces and other bits of gamey/nerdy guff.

The Played Out Podcast is also seeing an evolution in the next year, with me taking on regular co-hosts Philp Aldous and Matt Mckeown. Having already done one show with these two I can say I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do next, both of these two are hilarious, insightful and just jolly fine chaps to listen to.

I also have plans to reboot my work on the Youtube channel in the next few weeks. With video editing stuff I have the know how to make something basic, presentable and enjoyable to watch (In my view) I’m no big name youtube star and don’t think I ever will be (I’m not that self-delusional) so really it’s just going to be me doing what I like, when I’m inspired to do so.

Today’s header image is Cpt Phasma because I loved the new Star Wars film and she is my favourite part…. Don’t ask why, I’m not even sure I know myself.


About PropeRob

All round song and dance man with penchant for quoting Jeeves and Wooster and Toberlone's. Known to drone on about Video Games and geeky bollocks to anyone who can't escape in time.

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