E3 Top picks

So E3 has been occurring this week and it’s been a pleasant enough experience but with few big talking points. There (to my mind) have been little in the way of big new games being announced that haven taken the press and the public by storm. A few games, however, have been announced that have certainly earned my attention and I’d like to share them with you today.

First up


Without blowing my nerdgasmy (EWWWW) load too quickly allow me to say how much I looking forward to State of Decay 2. SoD 1 is maybe my favourite game of all time and I can’t wait to see what Undead Labs have been cooking up with the sequel. This is such a killer app to me that it makes me wonder if I should A. Buy one of those new Xbox’s that people are on about or B. Upgrade the living shit out of my computer. Maybe both. Anyway, I’m really hyped for this, so hyped I may even try the multiplayer out with my podcast co-hosts.

The Walking Dead Season 3 and Batman – Both by Telltale 

Who’d have thought it, I excited for a Telltale game, the answer is literally everyone because I am a massive fan of theirs?  When I heard they were doing the third season of Walking Dead I was rather happy “Woo” I said. Then when my sources (The Internet) unveiled that they were doing a Batman series as well, well words can not describe how awesome that would (and surely will) be. By now the Telltale formula is well established and typically always effective at telling new stories in old settings. The fact they’ve been given what I hope is free reign over the Batman characters and storyline gives me tingles at what sort of cool stuff we’ll be seeing them do with the caped crusader.

For Honor 

Now personally I felt that Ubisoft’s offering this year was a little weak. A new Watch Dogs game gives me nothing but a sense of dread and the other offerings while having potential are yet to wet my whistle. For Honor is, however, one game I have on my radar that does slightly interest me. Medieval battles and sieges are something of a fascination for me and games which have them in abundance are always on my wish list. Speaking of which

Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Here’s a game you may have missed in the chaos of the last few days and one you should surely have your sights on. Mount and Blade 2 is an ARPG set in a realistic medieval realm which lets you do what you want. Be a trader, knight, raider, king. If you want to do it you can. I’m a big fan of the original game (Well Warband)  so I am really stoked to see what I get to do in this one (Also it will doubtless get a game of thrones mod at some point)

Days Gone 

You see that? That is how you do fast zombies. With little to no talk about this game before E3 this game really came out of nowhere and my oh my does it look good. Granted that it’s a little rough around the edges but did you see how the zombies moved? How they acted more like ants or water. Obivously it’s early days for this particular game but it’s one I’m going to be keeping a very interested eye on in the future (Probs won’t be out till 2017)




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  1. mikefleckcreator says :

    Great writeup and props for using the groundskeeper willy gif! Have you featured your writing on any other movie websites at all?

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