First off I must start with an apology. My health hasn’t been exactly great these last few months (Crohn’s disease is a bitch) and combining a lack of energy that comes with Crohn’s and a commitment to keep working a full-time job has left me wanting to nothing but play games, drink and sleep, sadly leaving shamefully little time for writing. BUT NO MORE! I need to keep writing, It’s what I love. I may not be a first-rate, or even a second-rate writer but still, I must keep it up. So I will endeavour to keep up my writing from now until the world is destroyed in Nuclear fire after Donald Trump reads that mean thing I wrote about him on twitter.

Enough delays, on to the headline:


Now in my time with this blog I have made it fairly clear how I felt about Watch Dogs 1 . How the lead character is a terrible human being, how the writing and story are misogynistic, hurling women into the fridge at drop of an “Iconic hat” (Thank you, Jim Sterling, for the 3 years of build up to that punchline) I once wrote how I’d try to salvage the series  Killing Aiden Pearce, replacing him with Jordi and moving the action to Las Vegas and going the Saints Row route of mayhem with the powers the game gives you.

Thankfully the developers ignored my sage advice and instead went even further west to the City of San Fransico and dispensed with Aiden Pearce in favour of one this year’s best new protagonists Marcus Holloway. Well written and incredibly likeable, Marcus is what I want from a new generation of leading men and women in games. Gone is Aiden’s loathsome stoicism and batman like posturing, replaced with Marcus’s easy charm and laidback demeanour.

Marcus isn’t alone, of course, he’s joined by a gang of “Hacktivists” in the form of Deadsec who for the most part are all really likeable and engaging characters and yes I am including the guy with a helmet that emotes with emojis


His name is Wrench and I love him

The whole tone of the game has shifted from the dour fight for justice to being part of a movement that wants to justice but also wants to have a bit of fun. There is a mission where you hijack a talking car and drive it around, listening to Marcus and the car having a chat as they escape the police.

The game has adopted what I think will be known as the Saints Row 3 shift. Where once SR was a mere GTA knock off, it grew beyond what it once was and embracing ever more farcical insanity just for the hell of it. Watch Dogs 2 has yet to go “Fighting an alien emperor while wearing Power Armour while You got the Touch” but it’s certainly going for a brighter tone that I for one love.

I’ve only played about 7 or so hours of Watch Dogs 2  so it could, of course, fall apart in the next few days as I discover that Marcus is an MRA or something terrible like that. But until then I must say I’ve never been so glad to be so wrong about a game. (Also we need to talk about Battlefield 1 soon)


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