Video games for the majority of my life have been my greatest passion. That and being creative in some way or another, and being no good with musical instruments or a paintbrush (do artist still use them?) I chose words to be my outlet, which in hindsight and being kinda dyslexic maybe wasn’t the great life choice ever (That and a creative writing degree)

Poor life choices and possible unemployabilty aside, this blog is all me writing about the thing I love so much. I do reviews, narrative criticism of games with lazy stories or cliche ridden tropes.

From time to time I also do a bit of work for Indie Haven, where I review the Telltale Game of Thrones game and rant about issues no one else cares about.

I also have my own Youtube channel, because lets face it, video is really the most fitting medium when it comes to talking about video games. No one watches the channel, and for a good reason, I’m terrible at updating it and my internet is kinda shitty.

I also bitch about Watch dogs being shit from time to time


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